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Friern Barnet Medical Centre
16 St Johns Villas, Friern Barnet Road, N11 3BU

Tel: 0208 368 1707    Email: friernbarnetmedicalcentre@nhs.net



Our Clinics & Services

Flu Vaccines - 2020


In order to keep both patients and staff safe we are running flu clinics based on patient age and strictly BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.



To ease booking flu vaccines and to reduce waiting times on the phones we encourage all patients to use the NHS app or their preferred online service. Alternatively, please phone between 3pm-6pm Monday-Friday.



We will be inviting all patients who are eligible for the vaccine by SMS based on the categories below. If you do not wish to recieve the flu vaccine this year, please reply to the SMS with the appripriate response so that you will not receive a further invite this year.


If you fall into the categories below and have not recieved an SMS from us by 1st October 2020 please get in touch by eConsultation to let us know.


2-3 year olds: BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT NOW! Children whos birthdays fall between 01.09.2016 and 31.08.2018 have been invited to our first clinic on 7th September - we are delighted to report that this clinic was extremely successful and have added a further clinic on 1st October for those who could not make the first date.


4-11 year olds: Children aged 4-11 will be invited by their school to recieve their flu vaccine. If for any reason your child is unable to receive this at school please contact the surgery by eConsultation so we can arrange this.


Over 65s: BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT NOW! If you are aged 65 and over we will be running clinics for 1 week beginning 21st September 2020. A first SMS communication has been sent to these patients on 11.09.20.


Under 65s at risk: If you are aged 18-64 and have previously been invited to receive a flu vaccine you will be invited to book into our clinics which with be held in October (date to be confirmed so please check back here from week beginning 21.09.20 for an update)


Over 50s: This year patients aged 50 and over will be invited to receive a flu vaccination. This is for those patients aged 50 -64 who do not usually recieve an invite for a flu vaccination. We have been asked to invite this cohort of patients from November 2020. Please check back here in October for an update with specific clinic dates.



We have been working hard to set up a system to keep social distancing measures so when you visit the surgery it will look a little different inside the building.

  • Patients are asked to arrive promptly at the exact time of their appointment so that it reduces waiting time and number of people waiting together.
  • There will be a divided areas going up the ramp to the left of the building outside the practice where patients will queue before entering the building.
  • Patients will be temperature checked at the door and marked off on the appointments list by a member of our admin team.
  • At the point of entering the building patients will be directed through a one-way system to the waiting area where one of our nursing team will confirm their details and administer the vaccine.
  • Patients will then follow the one-way system to exit the building.

Top tips for attending your flu vaccine appointment

  • Check your temperature before leaving home to ensure it is not above 37.8oC, if it is then please do not attend for your vaccine, and seek advice via the 111 website. Let us know and we will rebook your appointment for a later date.
  • Arrive exactly at your appointment time so you do not have to wait for long periods of time.
  • Please wear a face mask.
  • Please ensure you have washed/sanitised your hands shortly before arring for you appointment.
  • Wear loose clothing so that the top of your arm can be exposed easily to receive the vaccine


Maternity Services

All doctors provide ante-natal care and post-natal examinations in surgery hours.


Baby Checks/Childhood Vaccinations

6-8 week development checks and vaccinations are carried out during baby clinics which are currently being held on Thursday's and Friday's


Diabetic Clinic

All patients with diabetes should attend this clinic regularly and it is recommended at least annually. 


Hypertension/Asthma/COPD/Smear Clinic

Run by the nurse for patients with these illnesses..


Smoking Cessation

Please make an appointment with the HCA if you wish to give up smoking. Alternately you can get advice and help from the pharmacies.


Travel Advice and Immunisations

For all foreign travel immunisations please book an appointment with the nurse at the surgery at least 4-6 weeks before you travel. The Practice Nurse will check your records and advise you on immunisation and health guidance. You may be directed to travel clinic if you come at the last minute.

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